Hunter’s Legacy


A Special Note from Tina Crane

Since my son, Hunter’s unexpected and tragic passing our family has been left with a huge hole in our life. One of which, nothing can fill. Hunter was our oldest child and only son. As you can imagine, along with his sister, our children are everything in the world to us. Never in a million years did we ever expect that we would be faced with the worse thing a parent could face, but, yet here we are.

The foundation set up in Hunter’s memory is more to us than just a way to provide scholarships. Even though we feel so blessed to be able to provide scholarships in Hunter’s name. The foundation is a way for us to share Hunter and everything that Hunter loved with so many others.

Our family is so grateful for the opportunities this foundation has given us. We have seen so many people who have never shot a gun, learn how to shoot, or even find out that archery is now a passion and many other wonderful things have come from this event. We hope to continue Hunter’s legacy through this foundation and bring families together if only for one day a year to get outside, spend time with each other, laugh, make memories, just like we did and still do today.

Nothing can ever replace Hunter, but this foundation has given us a sense of peace and a sense of creating something good when faced with something so terrible. We thank each of the businesses, individuals, family and friends who have made our foundation the success that it is and it continues to get better and better every year.

I would like to extend a personal invitation to this year’s event. I am sure you will be happy you took part and you might even find a passion inside of you that you didn’t know you had. God bless you!

—Tina Crane